Sunday, April 5, 2015

My Vapor Store, a vendor review...

I first started vaping on a whim, I was at Wal-Mart to pick up a couple packs of cigs since it was late and the normal shop I got my cheap smokes from was closed. I happened to notice they were carrying a line of Personal Vaporizers (PV's) behind the counter, and thought "What the hell". So I picked up one (Haus brand, more on that in another blog). I've had a total of two analogs (aka regular smokes) since that day. Both in the first 24 hours after my first PV, and not a one since. 

I quickly found that the Haus brand wasn't going to cut it for me, it had gotten me started but I wanted more from my vaping experience. I do blame it on the fact I work with a large group of hard core vapers, and all their fancy box mods got my tinkering/electronics juices flowing. So I hit up Google to find out more. 

Turns out, My Vapor Store (MVS)  came up first in my Google searches, and being new to the scene I hit them up and started looking at what was out there. It didn't take me long to make my first purchase, and as of today I've made 14 orders with them so far. They also have the nicest looking and best built website for vaping hands down, at least so far. I just wish they had a mobile version. My only gripe.

Their selection is excellent, they do carry all the biggest and most popular brands and products. They don't carry clones, nor many new "off brand" products. I've noticed that they do start carrying something if it becomes popular enough, but for the most part they stick with the established well known brands. There are a few brands they don't carry, but I'd say they carry 80% of the top brands. However, like most US vendors, stock is an issue. There is simply more demand in the US than there is supply. If I've ordered something from other vendors (I have more reviews coming) it's because MVS either didn't carry it, or were out of stock and I found it in stock at another vendor. I rarely find a better price, if it is something they carry. 

I have talked with their staff a number of times, and they are always quick to respond. I've also had one defective product, they sent me a pre-paid shipping label, and since the product was out of stock they offered me another color they had in stock. I didn't want that color so they gave me a store credit. They were very quick and easy to work with in all interactions I've had with them. 

They are located in NY, and they ship from there. Most of the time they ship the day you make the order, the next day at the latest. Shipping is $5.50 USPS, or free is you order more than $75. I honestly have no complaints with them, however USPS can be silly sometimes when coming to my location from their location in NY. But that's not in any way their fault. 

Overall, 5 stars! *****

If I had a complaint, it would simply be the fact they are almost always out of stock on the most popular items. But that is a wide spread issue, if you want something that's hot right now, most sites can't keep it in stock more than a few days. You have to hunt for someone who has it, or wait for MVS to get more back in stock. They always seem to get more, but it never last long, being one of the biggest means they sell out quick! From talking to them, and also from my general research, they often are one of the first to get new items in the US, and they may well be one of the largest current vape shops on the internet, if not indeed the largest. It's nice that as large as they are, they still seem to often have the best price around, or very close at least. 

In summary, you can't got wrong ordering from MVS. Because of the nature of vaping equipment in general, there isn't much of a guarantee, but on most things MVS will give you at least some guarantee, and will stand by what they sell. I know from personal experience. 


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